Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We played Parade of Flesh's Bro Fest at the Double Wide

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I must say, this tattoo still holds up

Ben now lives in Austin

The day we played MWTX it was reallllly cold. In the 40s, man


Waiting to play

We played on the same bill as GWAR

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Tanks on the way to AZ

Desert Landscape

Beautiful Sunset

Long drives are a good time to contemplate

We played with Mini Mansions at the Red Room


Sleepy Time

The Curly Man

Night Cap for Brando

Mike slept in the van

Nick Letson, our dear friend who set up our show and put us up. Also took us to eat at the delicious market he works at, Time Market.

And we're off

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Last month we went on a little tour through the southwest taking us to Austin for SXSW and back.

We borrowed a veggie oil converted shuttle bus from our home-bros in The Outline

All packed up and ready to go

20 minutes outside of LA we broke down in the middle of the 60 East. Stopped in the middle of a 5 lane highway. Check out the beginning of the traffic jam we caused. You know when you think to yourself "Who stops in the middle of a 5 lane highway?!?!" and you get all grumpy? Well, that was us! Highway patrol came and pushed us offa the highway.

AAA came out and couldn't fix it, we had to get towed back to LA.

Graham met us at the mechanic. Sorry we ruined your Sunday soccer game buddy.

My brother saved the day - met us with our friend Gabe's van. Within 20 minutes we were fully loaded up into a converted cargo van with no windows and we were off. We later realized we didn't have any registration on us. We were pushing it, but it looked like we were gonna make our daytime show at the Ace Hotel.

Yeah that didn't happen, we missed the show. Our buddy and desert resident Sean Wheeler made it out. Dressed all dapper in pink, he came with his family. Always great to see Sean. He showed us around town a bit.

Getting in the Desert mood

At least our pals Sleepy Sun were also playing in town that night.

We shared songs and "jammed." Some of us enjoyed an herbal infused soy milk

Rachel rippin' it

This night was actually better than the show we missed could have ever been